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The Adventures of the Canadian Beaver


Beaver is not just a character but a universe!

A talented sculptor, Beaver wins the competition at the Festival du Bûcheux de St-Pamphile several times but one day, he loses the respect of his village when he carves a large nickel out of wood with his face on it and this monument falls into the river, carrying away the dam. Banished, Beaver must flee and try to win back the affection of his loved ones. That's when the adventure begins for him and a group of colourful friends!

The Adventures of the Canadian Beaver

The Canadian Beaver

Banished for accidentally destroying the dam in his native village, Beaver must head out into the world. Awarded many times for being the best sculptor in St-Jean-Port-Joli, our friend is thinking of redeeming himself by winning the Hull sculpture competition. The road will be long for our beaver, but on his way, he will cross paths with friendly characters including Chuck Moosely, alias DJ Moose, as colourful as he is unpredictable and he will also meet the ferret Gontran who has more than one thing in his bag of tricks. Our Beaver will have more than his share of difficulties on this long road that will perhaps lead him to victory and to become the best sculptor in Quebec.

Back to the future with Dolorès

Beaver and Dolores

In our Beaver's village, everything is peaceful to the great satisfaction of the Beaver family. Gontran and Moose have taken up residence near the village. Locals are used to seeing Gontran playing scientist in a workshop on the edge of the village. Late one evening, there is an explosion. It is Gontran's workshop that has just been destroyed. Awakened by this noise, Beaver and a few inhabitants run up to find Gontran unconscious. He's returned from the future in his time machine, but the poor guy is in a coma. In the machine, Beaver finds a strange photo that sends shivers down the spines of all the beavers in the village.

The Apocalypse with Beaver and Moose

Beaver and the apocalypse

A great drought is raging in the region of St-Jean-Port-Joli. Problems of all kinds ensue, and our Beaver and his friends must find a solution. Beaver, now mayor of the village, solves the problems but the solution is short-lived. The difficulties multiply and the solutions that follow cause other even greater catastrophes and will even go so far as to cause ... the apocalypse!

The Adventures of the Beaver Beaver

The Manor of Lost Souls

Since the disaster in their village of St-Jean-Port-Joli, Beaver and the members of his community set out to search for a new location to establish their village. At Beaver Island, they discover a strange island with a magnificent mansion. But as soon as they arrive, they meet a community ruled by a rat with rather dubious intentions. What they will discover, will leave them frozen with fear.

Back to the future with Dolorès

The Rise of the Enslaved

The evil Rat Escogriffe has escaped. He disappears, much to the satisfaction of Beaver and his friends. But this relief will be short lived as they discover an enven scarier world. Beaver, Moose and Azel join forces to help Moosette who is trying to fight a villain worse than Rat Escogriffe. They will go to a world of amazing peculiarities populated by some very strange characters.
Release: 2025

The Apocalypse with Beaver and Moose

The Vendetta of Boulezaille

Reunited again, Beaver and his family are finally having a good time at the mansion, as are all the members of his community. But the respite will be short-lived! The castle is attacked by a giant Boulezaille, which was nestled in the seabed for ages. But as if that weren't enough, this is when Rat Escogriffe reappears!
Release: 2027


Claude Jalbert and Steeve Cadorette at the release of album 1 of the Adventures of Beaver ... the Hull competition

Launch in 2017

Claude Jalbert and Steeve Cadorette at the release of the Adventures of Beaver album 2 ... time travel

Launch in 2019

Claude Jalbert and Steeve Cadorette at the release of the Adventures of Beaver album 3 ... The Apocalypse!

Launch in 2021

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Claude Jalbert

Fascinated by cinema and comics from an early age, he made his first 8mm film at the age of 11. Determined to succeed in the 7th art, he directed several short films until he discovered a marked interest in screenwriting. Passionate about writing, he wrote several feature films for the cinema which he has published since 2015 with his publishing house. Intrigued by animated films, he wrote his first comic book with plans to make it into a mainstream animated film.

Azel Nuts, Gloutte and Tapie

Steeve Cadorette

Passionate about cinema from a young age, Steeve quickly developed an interest in graphic and visual arts. His hobby of drawing led him to create characters and short comics. Very creative, he likes to develop projects and scenario ideas. After working for a few years in the multimedia industry, he decided to pursue his dreams and take the plunge into the 3D world in order to be able to get closer to what he loves most, the wonderful world of animation.